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Facts & Figures 2014: How Does Your State Compare? builds on these seven decades of tradition. Mailed to every state legislator and governor, this handbook is designed to be a pocket- and purse-sized guide to state ranks on tax rates, collections, burdens, and more.

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The growth in high- and low-skill jobs, coupled with little growth in the middle-skill groups, has changed the composition of the workforce. The leftmost bars in Chart 3 show the share of U.S. workers in each skill category in 1980 and 2010. While both high-skill and low-skill job shares increased, the lower-middle skill group’s job share shrank. In 1980, nearly half of all workers were employed in lower-middle-skill occupations. Among the occupations in this group, machine operators accounted for 10 percent of the U.S. workforce and administrative support workers accounted for 18 percent.



Building on SUNY’s current open and online initiatives, Open SUNY has the potential to be America’s most extensive distance learning environment. It will provide students with affordable, innovative, and flexible education in a full range of instructional formats,both online and on site. Open SUNY will network students with faculty and peers from across the state and throughout the world through social and emerging technologies and link them to the best in open educational resources. Open SUNY will provide an online portal for thousands of people worldwide.

City of Yonkers

Enrollment for the dependent Yonkers school district increased by almost 6 percent from fiscal year 2009 to fiscal year 2012, while overall state public school enrollment declined by 0.8 percent. This enrollment increase has added to the pressures on the City’s budget. Assuming the budget gap is filled in part by utilizing fund balance, the City could quickly exhaust its balance. The City is considering possible gap closing measures including increases in the City income tax, property tax and real estate transfer tax, as well as increases in the contribution rates of employee health plans and limiting growth in the school district’s operating costs. The City is also advocating for the reassessment of all properties in Westchester County in the hope that this will save money by reducing the number of tax certiorari claims.

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