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Month: May, 2015

NYC _ Budget and Financial Plan Through 2019

Weathering Volatility

Income and consumption changes did not move in tandem; there was only a slightly positive correlation between changes in income and changes in consumption between 2013 and 2014.


Charter School Audit Guide 2015

Government Auditing Standards for Deficiencies in Internal Control – 7.19 states “…When auditors detect deficiencies in internal control that are not significant to the objectives of the audit but warrant the attention of those charged with governance, they should include those deficiencies either in the report or communicate those deficiencies in writing to audited entity officials. Auditors should refer to that written communication in the audit report if the written communication is separate from the audit report. When auditors detect deficiencies that do warrant the attention of those charged with governance, the determination of whether and how to communicate such deficiencies to audited entity officials is a matter of professional judgment.”